Matthew R. Fowler, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar




Center for the Study of Race, Politics, & Culture

5733 S. University Ave.

Chicago, IL 60637

About Me

I am currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Chicago affiliated with the political science department and the GenForward Survey Project. I received my Ph.D. in political science from Indiana University in August 2017. My research agenda focuses on group consciousness and intergroup attitudes as applied to white identity and racial attitudes, affective political polarization, and public opinion in American politics. I have published articles in PS: Political Science & Politics, American Review of Politics, and Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, as well as mainstream outlets like The Washington Post and Limestone Post Magazine.


Peer-Reviewed Publications


Carmines, E. G., & Fowler, M. (2017). The Temptation of Executive Authority: How Increased Polarization and the Decline in Legislative Capacity Have Contributed to the Expansion of Presidential Power. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, 24(2), 369-398.


Fowler, M. (2016). Race Still Matters: Political Ideology and the South. PS: Political Science & Politics, 49(02), 215-220.


Fowler, M., Parent, W., & Petrakis, P. (2011). When White Goes Right: The Old South in the 2008 Presidential Election. American Review of Politics, 32,83-103.

Research Interests

Race, Ethnicity, and Politics; Public Opinion; Ideology, Partisanship, and Affective Polarization; Survey Methodology; Millennials and Politics; Identity Politics; Southern Politics

Other Publications

Fowler, M., Medenica, V.E., & Cohen, C.J. (2017, December 15). Why 41 percent of white millennials voted for Trump. The Washington Post.

Fowler, M. & Medenica, V.E. (2017, October 5). This is what millennials think about the NFL protests. The Washington Post.

Fowler, M. & Carmines, E.G. (2017). “Political Ideology,” in Fathali Moghaddam, editor, The Sage Encyclopedia of Political Behavior, Vol. 2: 614-616.

Wood, L. & Fowler, M. (2016, September 15). IU Researchers Find Hoosier Support for Trump is Rooted in Indiana History. Limestone Post.

Working Papers

“Racial group Competition and Types of Linked Fate: The Meaning and Measurement of Linked Fate Among Whites.” (under review).

“The Role of Resentment in Shaping the Political Attitudes of White Millennials,” with Vladimir E. Medenica. (under review).

“#TakeAKnee: Racial Attitudes and Millennial Opinions on NFL Anthem Protests,” with Vladimir E. Medenica. (under review).

“Candidate Preference, State Context, and Voter Turnout: Comparing Non-Voters and Voters in the 2016 Presidential Election,” with Vladimir E. Medenica. (under review).


 “White Linked Fate and Backlash: Realistic and Perceived Threats to White Group Cohesion.”

“That’s Racist!: Racist Identity and Perceptions of Racism in the American Mind.”

“White Vulnerability Racism: Validating a New Measure of Racial Attitudes,” with Cathy J. Cohen, Matthew Luttig, Vladimir E. Medenica, and Jon Rogowski.

“The Two Faces of Populism,” with Edward G. Carmines and Eric R. Schmidt.

“Looking Across the Aisle: Partisan and Ideological Stereotypes and Affective Polarization,” with Edward G. Carmines.

“Defining Black Interests: Ideology, Social Identity, and the Transformation of Black Public Opinion.”

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Teaching Assistant:

Political Psychology and Sociology (Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017)


Graduate Public Opinion (Spring 2015, Spring 2016)


Graduate Statistics and Methodology (Spring 2014)


Analyzing Politics (Fall 2012 – Spring 2013)


Political Controversies (Fall 2011)


Washington Politics and Political Communication in Washington (LSU in DC Program - Summer 2010)


Louisiana Politics (Fall 2009 – Spring 2011)


The American Presidency and the 2016 Presidential Election (Fall 2016)


Politics of Gender and Sexuality (Summer 2015, Summer 2016)


Political Psychology and Sociology (Fall 2014)


Urban Politics (Fall 2013)

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